eBook Creation and Publishing

There are a lot of ways you can benefit from making an eBook. An ebook is a text presented in a format which allows it to be read on a computer, tablet and supported devices. An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book that can easily be read on a computer or handheld device, with properly formatted text and images, no matter the size of the screen. Professional eBook conversion, design, and formatting all at an affordable price. The only guaranteed way to professionally convert your files to an eBook. There are currently two main formats in use in the industry: ePub, which works with almost every eReader, and .mobi, which is used by Amazon’s Kindle. Ebooks are also the fastest way to publish your book worldwide, making it easy for millions of readers to find, buy, and enjoy your book online on retail sites.An e-reader can store hundreds of titles that you can take anywhere. Plus, Ebooks are great for travelers, since readers can store many books on a slim device. Ebooks offer authors and publishers the ability to include various features who not possible in printed books.

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